Banquet in Black Market restaurant

A special event arranged in Black Market, for example, a banquet or company party, stand for elegance and modern approach to event organization. The restaurant is situated in the very centre of Kiev, at Parus business centre.

Receptions for 200 persons and banquets for up to 80 guests can be arranged here. Individual rooms are suitable for various special events, such as family holidays and professional business occasions. The menu for banquets, receptions and company parties at Black Market are more than diverse. One of the best chefs is ready to develop a special menu for your event: topical menus, designed seasonal dishes, rare food products that can be delivered extra for your occasion. Elegant table laying and spectacular dish servicing will add to the impressions of the perfect cuisine.

Our modern and stylish restaurant is full of light and fresh verdure. There are plenty of opportunities to decorate and zone the space according to the concept of your holiday.

Our Parlour with soft sofas and subdued light is situated at the entrance. This area is suitable for meeting guests or organizing a full-fledged pre-party with wine, cocktails and light starters. A small-scale event for the press, i.e. a briefing or press lunch, can also be arranged here.

A quiet Private Room hidden from alien eyes is a place to organize closed, scaled-down events for a small group of guests. Up to 12 persons can sit comfortably at the table in this private room. It is an ideal location for business negotiations that can turn smoothly into business dinners or suppers.

Podium provides a bit more opportunities. As many as 20 guests can be invited here, either your business partners for a meeting or relatives and friends for a family holiday. This area is separated from the main space of the restaurant with the help of partitions, so you can relax easily far from prying eyes.

A wedding reception, a luxurious family or friendly holiday, a posh social occasion — our Glasshouse or Summer Terrace are ideal for such events.

Large rooms with laconic contemporary design, filled with lots of light, fresh flowers and green plants, are sure to become a perfect location for an unforgettable celebration.


There are places here for musicians and DJs, the space can be zoned in different ways. These areas at Black Market Restaurant are the largest, and plenty of social events, closed tasting sessions and swinging parties have already taken place here and thereafter were reported about in society columns.
Your memories about important events celebrated at Black Market Restaurant are going to be bright and unconventional.

Celebrate your Birthday in the Black Market restaurant and get a cake or dessert as a present!
Big biscuit cake with fresh fruits, berries and nuts, we will give the company from 6 guests, and for a small company - desserts from the chef!


Order a banquet at Black Market Restaurant:
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