We have created Black Market Restaurant, whose highlight is bright gastronomic impressions.

We emphasize this with our name — Вlack Market — i.e. the place, where people come for the sake of exclusive specialities created specifically for connoisseurs and gourmets.

Black Market Restaurant is a modern haute cuisine restaurant in the heart of Kiev.

Our menu contains numerous meat, fish and seafood dishes based on extraordinary combinations of ingredients and new cooking methods.



Here we have put into practice the concept of life that can surprise you now and then like an unbelievable and exciting travel to different countries. Every day we select the best, mostly local products and, using new methods, create dishes that are able to impress.

There are no chance-comers here. Each visitor of Black Market Restaurant comes here because of his or her good taste. We can say it with confidence: the dishes based on such combinations of ingredients and cooking techniques can be tried nowhere else.

The restaurant interior represents dashing and cosmopolitan New York. Black Market has several rooms and a spacious summer terrace. At first guests find themselves in an elegant parlour furnished in subdued tones. From here they can get to quiet rooms ideal for important meetings and festivities in small groups.

The real heart of the restaurant is a roomy glasshouse, filled with light and verdure. Life bustles here from morning till late night. Business breakfasts and dinners turn into cocktail parties with live music and suppers with your near and dear.

The main tradition of Black Market Restaurant is gastronomic evenings dedicated to various food products that we consider to be somewhat special. We arrange tasting sessions and present special topical menus to the in-gathering. Such gastronomical suppers are a great opportunity to taste unique specialities and get to know new tendencies in the world restaurant culture.

The elegant simplicity, which our chef always strives for, hides a long and painstaking process of cooking: long-term meat fermentation, sous vide method, use of low temperatures and endless experiments in the kitchen.

Black Market cocktail list includes only up-to-date and fashionably combination, i.e. striking cocktail classics twists, a wide range of sours and even cocktails created for mornings.

The original Black Market wine menu has wines from numerous countries of the world. And to make the choice as precise as possible, we have organized the wine list according to wine tastes and characters — from light and fresh to rich and complex.


Here delicacies and some ingredients that are not typical for haute cuisine are combined, modern cooking techniques are applied and only the best, the freshest food products, including local ones, are used.

OUR WINE LIST IS LIKE A TRAVEL MAP: IT IS BRIGHT AND FULL OF IMPRESSIONS It includes the most characteristic wines from different countries of the world. There are fresh and light ones — white Italian and unconventional New Sauvignon Blanc. There are also rich wines from Sicily and Bordeaux or original ones from RSA and Portugal.
We suggest that you should use your own mood as the starting point for selecting wines and choose them not only according to the dishes but to the state of your soul too. We have prepared this wine list for your selecting process to be confident and interesting!

DESIGNED COCKTAIL LIST A cocktail line has been developed extra for Black Market Restaurant based on the main mixology trends. The cocktails of our restaurant have only premium alcohol, natural ingredients and lots of secret combinations. Everything from classic Old-fashioned and modern sours to house speciality Black Poison is worth your attention.

MODERN, STYLISH BUT AT THE SAME TIME VERY COZY SPACE There are several cozy rooms in Black Market Restaurant — a reserved parlour, quiet rooms, a podium and a glasshouse filled with light and fresh verdure. In summer a terrace is open for our guests, which is covered with flowers like a comfortable patio. This magic of place, the mood of our guests, openness and high-quality serves are essential for us. We are always glad to see our guests, and hospitality is not an empty phrase but the main principle of our work.